Staying on top of the market is not just about being aware of the latest assets but also keeping track of all market activity to truly understand value. Brown & Co has an extensive track record of sourcing and disposing of high quality assets on behalf of investors and representing their interests through the acquisition or disposal process.

Market Monitoring

  • Local agent and intermediary networks – everyday work.
  • Professionals networks – investors, accountants and lawyers.
  • Established client base – existing farming enterprises.
  • State sell offs .
  • Structural Disposals from large scale vertical holdings.

Active pursuit of Opportunities

  • Many developing markets are inefficient and require pro-active pursuit of opportunities.
  • Contact network absolutely key.
  • Dedicated resources that are examining opportunities all the time.
  • Regular meetings with regional agents and intermediaries on a regular basis.

Control Measures

  • Database tracking – build on existing database used to keep track of land and contacts.
  • Weekly agency meetings – healthy debate of strategy and market trends.
  • Monthly progress reports – to demonstrate pipeline development and transparency.
  • Scoring system – to prioritise opportunities.