Despite rain over the last two weeks, Eastern Europe will see a production impact from drought this season.

Draught has caused some significant damage to arable crops in Ukraine. There are areas where crops have dried up already and it has most affected winter crops.

The table below presents  total drought damaged area by crop in Ukraine.

 In total it is about 234 000 ha that is 2,6% of this season’s winter crops plantation area.

The most seriously drought affected region is Odessa region. The damaged area is 148 00 ha which is 15% of total winter crops there.

Losses in Odessa region

APK forecasts for Ukraine production in 2020/2021 amounts to 68,7 milions tons – 6.8% less than in the previous season.

Expected crop production change

Ukraine grain export is expected to decrease by 8.9 %.

Adapted from Top Agrar Germany