Land values in Poland have strengthened slightly in the last 12 month period indicating a 5% appreciation. Growth has slowed in recent years as the market continues to mature. Domestic/local demand for farmland continues to drive values maintaining an active farmland market – despite the restrictions on the market imposed by government. Marginal increases are still expected as operating efficiency continues to drive profitability .

When modelled against data from 2016 current land values show an appreciation of 3% demonstrating that the growth curve is levelling off, however positive growth is continuing nonetheless at a modest level.

During the same time period U.S cropland values showed an average increase of 0.4% (USDA, 2019). This would suggest that Poland still presents an interesting investment option for those looking to further diversify ag portfolios.

Amidst all the market uncertainties currently being experienced as a result of Covid-19 agricultural investments have historically proved resilient in the face of adverse market conditions. This is best demonstrated in the graph (right) compiled by Hancock Natural Resource Group 2020.

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