Romania is continuing to attract international investment in the agri sector.  Whilst there are a number of challenges – economic for 2019 is strong at around 4% real GDP growth which together with Total Factor Productivity gains – is driving agricultural returns and therefore the land market. Following the end of communism in 1989 – […]


Ukraine, often referred to as the “bread basket of Europe” has the largest stock of agricultural land in Europe comprising 42 million hectares, yet the current ban on the trading of freehold agricultural property in the country, to both Ukrainian and foreign nationals, is stifling growth and investment in the country.

Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC) Australia acquire 200,000 ha business (+40,000 head Merino sheep flock) in W. Australia.

SALIC announces the acquisition of Baladjie Pty Ltd on March 28th, 2019 SALIC Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SALIC KSA. It is the first investment in the country of Australia. Matthew Jansen, SALIC KSA CEO, said: “The acquisition of Baladjie is an important step for SALIC as we continue to build our global footprint […]