Blueberry production in Ukraine on the rise

“Ukraine is now China’s top Frozen Blueberry Supplier as the market Expands” (Produce Report) The fastest growing segment of Ukraine’s fruit and vegetable sector is blueberry production. According to East Fruit, Ukraine now has at least 700 hectares of new blueberry plantations, equating to a 44% increase in recent years. It is expected that exports […]


The EU has an increasingly active hemp market with production in Romania, France, Lithuania and the Netherlands.  Production has increased by more than 50% since 2016 with the seed and fibre used in an increasing range of construction material, animal bedding, furniture, textiles and the pulp and paper industry.  Hemp is also an excellent source […]

Seed Corn Opportunities – Europe

For some business’ in Central Europe – an interesting opportunity exists to add value to existing Corn crops, via cooperating with a seed house in order to produce registered certified seed corn.  With corn forming an important part of rotations across Europe, many business’ have long term experience of growing both irrigated and non irrigated […]