New law was passed locally in Baden-Württemberg state on Wednesday highlighting the focus on environment preservation goals.

The law comprises restrictions such as:

  • Increase of organic area by 40-50% by 2030
  • Reduction of pesticide usage by 40-50% by 2030
  • Orchard Preservation
  • Establishing biotopye networks of 15% of land area
  • Ban of gravel gardens

The solutions and means to meet the goals listed in the law are yet to be defined. The authorities decision was pushed by the society actively supporting the initiative started by the movement „Save the Bees”

The law does not describe how the goals are to be achieved in practice, and Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of the Environment Franz Unterstellar emphasizes that the law does not do it alone.

Gravel garden ban aims at greener and more biodiversified private gardens.